DC surge protection

DC surge protection is necessary in several industries which utilize DC current in order to maintain service functionality. Two major industrial applications of DC surge protection devices is in the telecommunications industry utilizing cell tower structures and in the solar industry utilizing photovoltaic power plants.

Although the solar industry is more variable in its utilization of both AC and DC currents, the primary use of DC is wider spread. While there are numerous products on the market which provide a minimal level of surge protection for these types of installations, Britec’s SPDs (surge protective devices) are an excellent selection due to their superior mechanical construction and benefits.

In PV (photovoltaic) applications, remote locations combined with large expanses of equipment once again provide an ideal attractant for lightning strikes. The installation of DC surge protection devices into inverters and at junction boxes provides a level of redundant protection that is unmatched in the industry.

DC surge protection requires SPD products that are specifically manufactured to protect configurations which utilize DC current. Surge protection should not be an afterthought, or a decision that is taken only after equipment damage has occurred. Contact Britec to discuss the most appropriate options for your installation. Retrofitting of existing installations as well as new configurations is available. Shouldn’t you be considering surge protection for your DC power application before it is too late?


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